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Document services
Document servicesWe can provide complete data processing from the initial analysis up to the dispatch
Document services
Direct Marketing
Direct MarketingWe provide complex services in direct marketing
Direct Marketing
Customer and chip cards
Customer and chip cardsWe can manufacture customer and chip cards according to your requirements
Customer and chip cards
Sale prints
Sale printsYou can choose from a wide spectrum of business sales prints.
Sale prints
Drescher Security Print
Drescher Security Printoffers you a wide array of technical options, how to protect your forms, documents, protocols and other valuable documents against misuse.
Drescher Security Print
Advertising print
Advertising printLet us print your advertisement!
Advertising print
Drescher solution services
Drescher solution services
Drescher solution services
Computer papers
Computer papersWe offer over 100 types of paper of all quality levels for laser printers and copy machines, laser forms, free sheets, endlos or rolls.
Computer papers
Labelling systems
Labelling systemsWe offer label printing in many variants.
Labelling systems
Development and design
Development and designWe will design the look and produce the forms, electronic forms and prototypes of any advertising aids.
Development and design

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Digital print, personalisation and mailing

Digital print and personalisation

We are able to print brochures, books, university textbooks etc. in a very short time. Maximum print format is A3+ with the option of two-side printing at a single driver-thru the machine. For print we use the files Word, Excel or pdf with subsequent bookbinding processing (binds V1, V2, spiral binding).

Personalisation means printing of variable data (usually read from the supplied database) to a pre-prepared form. Based on this data we can also prepare variable bar codes, QR codes,  variable print graphics or create a personal salutation (with proper 5th case ending), so each letter can become an original.

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Personalisation and mailing means printing, enveloping and sending of regular or single-time sets of letters to addresses according to the instructions from our client. These are especially statements of account (billing), invoices, reminders, infos or advertising material. 

Data transfer, graphic processing, accurate timing of distribution, various bundles or clustering according to Post Code or other control elements, all of that is part of our company’s personalisation and mailing services.


Completing and enveloping 
We carry out enveloping and completing in our own machines or, if the nature of the order requires, manually, within short deadlines. We put items into envelopes or we wrap them in various types of foil.

Thanks to very low distribution fees we can offer much better terms of dispatch, than a normal Post Office customer has, which means great financial savings..




Digital print

Digital black-n-white print

We print with colour 1/0 and 1/1 (simplex or duplex) on free sheets up too A3+, grammage 60-200g and also in the format 1/0 on endlos and finite rolls in the format 457x355 mm in the grammage 64-157g..

We use the printer machines from Xerox, OCÉ and Kyocera.

Digital colour printing

It is ideal for small batches of coloured brochures, leaflets, posters or catalogues. We print colour on free sheets or envelopes up to the size A3, on normal but even on highly structured materials, grammage 46g to 210g/m2. Our technology allows for colour personalisation of text, numbers, bar codes or any parts of graphics and it allows trouble free additional print in laser printers.

Colour personalisation

The option of coloured printouts is another great added value for printed transaction materials. Coloured highlighting of a part or the whole text or graphics ensures significantly better perception by the addressee. When segmenting the addressees with colour or material differentiation of the message, the resulting effect is significantly higher than in case of a normal offset production. Print can be on one side or both sides of the paper. The number of printed pieces can start already from several items.



A weird word, but a wonderful direct marketing tool: It is more than just personalisation of documents, which usually changes only names and addresses. Customisation can change the whole page content, including texts, graphs, images, symbols etc. according to the type of the addressee. It is a much more targeted and creative communication with the customer and it brings stronger response and higher efficiency of the marketing costs. It is possible thanks to our digital colour technology and our experience in the printing business.

Data management, data-flow management

We accept data in any form and in many formats. We can print either from the data created by ourselves, or from the files provided by you.

We print in machines made by XEROX, OCÉ, Kyocera which have high speed and top class quality performance.

We personalise free sheets, endlos and rolls, not only the text, but also numbers, bar codes, alpha-numeric symbols or images. Apart from the standard offset or carbonless copy paper, we can also print on other graphic papers according to pattern book.


Our programmers prepare the data for printing in modular software from the company GMC. We focus on data security, which is based on a bilateral agreements and it is also required by the act No. 101/2000 Coll. about personal data protection.

The GMCPRISMA software is a professional document workflow system, which helps achieve maximum efficiency of the very production of documents and their preparation. The use of automation features shortens the preparation times, which saves the production costs and maximises the production, while enhancing its output quality too.

PDF output

Everything we print for the customer can also be delivered in the PDF format (it is often required for call centres, archiving etc.)

PDF documents are read in a special viewer (Adobe Acrobat Reader), but they are universal and can be viewed on various platforms – computer, PDA, pocket computers – and on various operating systems – MS Windows, Linux.

PDF documents are useful for our clients especially when they want to print them once more..

Bar codes

Bar codes are used to track the flow of production, incoming and outgoing material, stocktaking, goods forwarding, records on assets and documents, attendance systems, visitor tracking, and sale of goods. They are also used for sales promotion events, automated sorting, collection of data for marketing and many other activities, which are essential in running a company. We can generate and print all types of bar codes:


Code 39 and Code 39 Mod 43,
U.P.C. A, UPC E0 and UPC E1, EAN 13 and EAN 8, Code 93, Interleaved 2/5 and Interleaved 2/5 Mod 10,
Code 128, Codabar, MSI.

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